Circle Lenses

New Arrival

diamond series


Flora series

Lena Cosplay


Lena Fuji inspired Brown

Celeb. Gold


dollyeye starbuy pink

The Puffy 3tones Series 14.5mm

Cosmic 2016

Super Doll Thedollyeye

Barbie Doll Series


Sugar Candy Series 14.5mm

The S-9 Series 15.0mm

The Fairy Series 14.8mm

The Icy Melon Series 14.8mm

The Jewel Series 15.0 mm

The Bat 3DSeries 15.0 mm

The Dark.Ice 2-Tones Starry Eye Series 14.8 mm

The Twilight Series 15.0 mm

The Cookie A3 Series 14.8 mm

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